Maya created her first comedy sketch in 1993. It was at short notice - in response to the demolition of Babur's mausoleum, a medieval monument, by right-wing Hindu fundamentalists. She brought a food blender on stage and proceeded to give the audience a detailed chutney recipe which was actually a potted history of the rise of the right-wing in India.

On one occasion, she stormed into a women's literary seminar, unannounced, as the 'poet par excellence'.

For several years she was a regular presence on Jan. 1 each year on the Sahmat stage – to mark the killing of theatre director, Safdar Hashmi. She would read the morning newspapers of Jan. 1 and come on stage by 4pm, having created a bizarre character who takes off on the headlines of the day.

Maya’s comedy shows are usually episodic. She sets up a green room on stage and for every character created she disappears into it and emerges as a fresh character who has a unique way of looking at the world


Dinner Table

Melon Woman


Body Makeover