Maya's theatre journey started with street theatre in the late 1970's with Theatre Union, a group she co-founded. After making stage performances for several years, she returned to this form, but this time, solo. Since 2012, she has been responding to events and controversial issues that have engaged women and other sections of society who are taken up with the struggle for rights.

Om Swaha

Dafa No. 180




Walk was created in response to the horrific gang rape of Jyoti Singh in a moving bus on Dec. 16, 2012 in Delhi, that shook people in India and the world beyond. For days young people poured out on to the streets and marched in Delhi and other cities and towns.

On Dec. 30 Maya received a call from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, inviting her to express a response through a performance on Dec. 31 - the very next day. So, Walk was created in a few hours

Possibly, because the event was so hard hitting, the piece came from a deeply quiet, reflective space.

Walk simply draws the audience in to think, to reflect, to walk the city, everywhere, anytime to make it your own, for Jyoti and all of us.

Walk has done several performances in schools, colleges, on the street, offices, and living rooms - in small and big spaces. It has travelled to the US and UK.

Over time, the content of Walk has changed in response to fresh events, changing attitudes and the nature of the event and audience it has been performed for. Part of it is even improvised during the performance.

Walk went viral and within the first weeks of its creation, received more than 15,000 hits on social media


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