Maya's theatre journey started with street theatre in the late 1970's with Theatre Union, a group she co-founded. After making stage performances for several years, she returned to this form, but this time, solo. Since 2012, she has been responding to events and controversial issues that have engaged women and other sections of society who are taken up with the struggle for rights.

Om Swaha

Dafa No. 180





Right to Information Act, National Convention, 2017. The central motif of this piece was of a boat that will not sink even though it carries 60 lakhs of people. That’s the number of people who – upto 2017 - had sought information from the government under this Act. That boat will remain buoyant and will sink, instead, the false claims the government makes.

Not In My Name

Artists Unite!

Shaheen Bagh

The Preamble

Farmers Strike