Maya's theatre journey started with street theatre in the late 1970's with Theatre Union, a group she co-founded. After making stage performances for several years, she returned to this form, but this time, solo. Since 2012, she has been responding to events and controversial issues that have engaged women and other sections of society who are taken up with the struggle for rights.

Om Swaha

Dafa No. 180



Not In My Name

Artists Unite!



A performance at Lal Qila (Red Fort), Delhi, as part of a large number of artists expressing dissent over three days against the government’s anti-people policies. The walls of the fort formed the backdrop, behind which, many Indians had been tried for sedition during British rule in India. More than sixty years later - the performance noted - sedition was still being used as a weapon of the state against its people

Shaheen Bagh

The Preamble

Farmers Strike